November 2014

Game Night: USC 11/08/2014

Game Night USC

Sat November 8, 2014

Game Night: USC - Play Aegis Defenders (GUTS Department, Anamnesis (Somek Friends), Walden (Game Innovation Lab) + Panel Discussion with Richard Lemarchand, Associate Professor USC Cinematic Arts and Guests discussing the USC Games Program and the LA Game Scene.

We will rotate games throughout the night. There are TEN scheduled games!

We'll be expanding game night to include a panel discussion with our special guests from USC's "game department", School of Cinematic Arts - Game Innovation Lab. 

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August 2014

Game Night 22- Crawl And NecroDancer 8/16/14

In conjunction with DESTRUCTOIDMeat &GiantRobot, we are proud to host Game Night 22, an event that takes place at GR2 about every two months. 

Game Night 22 – Crawl and Crypt of the NecroDancer
Saturday, Aug 16, 2014, 7 – 10:00 PM
Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blv
Los Angeles CA 90025 
(310) 445-9276

This episode of Game Night will feature two indie games:


Crawl is the local multiplayer dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters! Battle through dungeons and power up your hero

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer is a hardcore rhythm-based roguelike game. Can you survive this deadly dungeon of dance, slay the NecroDancer, and recapture your still beating heart?

For more information about Game Night, GR2, or Giant Robot please contact:

Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(310) 445-9276

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July 2014

Pokemon Sunday/ Monster Hunter Meet up X DESTRUCTOID Present :
Pokemon Sunday/ Monster Hunter Meet up

Get ready to bring your copies of both Pokemon X & Y and also Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, on a side note we are back in the mall after hearing your call.

Like always there is free parking all around the area on Sundays.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Viewing Party!!

Join us at the Regal theater as we watch Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods for the first time in theaters, we know some of you guys have already seen the film but hey let's all watch it together should be super fun. 

We might have some sweet DBZ stuff to giveaway ;)

Tickets will be up soon on the site so make sure you sign up to get an email notification when the tickets go on sale.

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May 2014
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Game Night 21 X GAME OVER – Art Inspired by Games

GiantRobotAngryBananas.comDESTRUCTOID & Meat Bun are proud to present GAME OVER – Art Inspired by Games

It’s not just an art exhibition, it’s also a Game Night. 

Imagine seeing art but also trying out some of the games made by equally talented designers! It’s happening.

Experience, KYOTO WILD by Teddy Diefenbach is a 4 player weapons battle, SCRATCH RACE by Messhof is a one button velodrome racing game, and experience Ben Vancee’s THE PACK with Art by Rob Sato Works.

Artists Include:

Aaron Brown, Alex Chiu, Andrew Hem, Bert Gatchalian, Brian Luong, Caitlin Anne, Cam Floyd, Candie Bolton, Cassia Lupo, Chris Mostyn, Cory Schmitz, Dan Goodsell, Danni Shinya, Edward Robin Coronel, Elliot Brown, Enky Skulls, Eric Nyquist, Gary Musgrave, Hawk krall, James Kochalka, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang, Jeremiah Ketner, Jerome Lu, Jesse Tise, Joey Chou, Jon Lau, kaNO kid, Ken Taya, Kenneth Wong, Kerry Horvath, Kevin Luong, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Koshin Finley, Kwanchai Moriya, Leah Chun, Lena Sayadian, Lucky Nakazawa, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Mari Naomi, Mariel Cartwright, Mark Nagata, Martin Hsu, Mike Kuo, Minion Me, Miso, Nick Arciaga, Nidhi Chanani, Omo Cat, Peter Kato, Ray Young Chu, Rina Ayuyang, Roland Tamayo, Ronald J. Llanos, Ryan Crippen, Ryan Jacob Smith, Sana Park, Sara Saedi, Scott Bakal, Sean Norvet, Shawn Cheng, Shiho Nakaza, Shihori Nakayama, Stasia Burrington, Theo Ellsworth, Tyson Hesse, Wayne Johnson + even more.

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April 2014

Game Night 20 – OMORI Sat 5/3/14 7:30-10pm

Game Night 20 featuring: OMORIO By Omocat

Sat May 3rd, 2014 
7:30-10:00 PM

Omocat is quickly gaining momentum. From her gif animations, T Shirts, animation, and forward thinking style, she’s put those efforts into a new game, OMORI. We’ll be projecting her efforts outdoors and will have playable stations inside of GR2.

“OMORI is a surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game. You must travel between two worlds, both welcoming, both concealing the same secrets. Meet new (old) people, fight new (old) enemies, explore your own memories, and uncover some hidden truths along the way (although you wish you hadn’t.) When the time comes, you can only choose one. Which world is more real? You decide, I guess.”

Come join us at GR2 on Sat May 4th 7:30-10 PM. 
Free as always. We’ll also have some Omocat merchandise

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Giant Robot: SuperAwesome at Oakland Museum of California

Giant Robot is proud to present SuperAwesome at Oakland Museum of California

Please join us at at Preview Night for Members/Public:

Friday Nights @ OMCA: SuperAwesome
Friday, April 18, 2014, 5–9 pm

New Exhibition Coincides With 20th Anniversary of Giant Robot Magazine Celebrating Asian American Pop Culture and Beyond

Artists featured in the exhibition include: 
Ako Castuera, Sean Chao, David Choe, Luke Chueh, Hamburger Eyes, Andrew Hem, James Jean, Kozyndan, Masakatsu Sashie, Shizu Saldamando, Rob Sato, Amy Sol, Deth P Sun, and Adrian Tomine. 

Art works in the exhibition represent a range of mediums, including mural art, sculpture, illustration, portraiture, large-scale installations, graphic novels, video games, photography, and more.

Also featured are custom Big Boss Robot figures by Junko Mizuno, Katsuya Terada, Spanky Stokes, Mark Nagata, Aaron Brown, Reactor 88, Leecifer, Scott Tolleson, Dril One, Edwin Ushiro, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeni Yang, Julie West, Gary Ham, Jason Limon, Stasia Burrington, Mari Inukai, Jay222, Scott Wilkowski, Jeremiah Ketner, Yukinori Dehara, Jerome Lu, Kano, Bert Gatchalian, the Scion Famicar designed by Eric Nakamura and fabricated by Len Higa and a video game "The Pack" by Ben Vance and Rob Sato

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March 2014

Game Night – Earth Defense Force 2025 Sat 3/22/14 7-10pm

Giant Robot 2 March 22, 2014 – Saturday 7-10pm

Play Earth Defense Force 2025. Free giveaways, game codes and pizza! Yes it’s at GR2. Enjoy the third person shooting game and save the Earth! Free and all are welcome. For any information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring us at 310.445.9276
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